How do you decide on the plays you post?

Our experts run the numbers through numerous algorithms, and through extensive research to make the most confident and lucrative decision.

How do your clients receive their picks?

Picks will become available after purchase of one of our subscriptions. Clients must log in using their account details, and then will have access to our exclusive content varying on your purchased subscription.

How long does it take your subscribers to receive their picks?

Instantaneously, after purchase picks will be available within their account.

How does your system work?

Our picks are generated from in depth algorithms, data analytics, and insider information.

What do you consider your most affordable subscription?

The monthly subscription, saves you 50% through each month compared to our daily subscription.

What is your refund policy?

Our website offers an easy and thorough payment system. Once your payment has processed all sales are finalized.

Do you rate your picks?

Yes, we do. Our subscribers will have access to everything from our Daily Free Picks to our exclusive Southside Lock which is our most confident and accurate pick.

What time do you normally drop daily picks?

Varies depending on the sport and game schedules. Picks are guaranteed to be available within a reasonable timeframe before gametime.